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Vice Chancellor

Prof (Dr.) B.L. Raina

vcM.Tech. Ph.D. (Gold Medalist)
USC, Columbia, USA
Backed by an exceptionally brilliant academic record, Prof. Raina has been engaged in administration, teaching & research for nearly 35 years. He was awarded prestigious national fellowship and a faculty position of “TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH” (T.I.F.R), Bombay, INDIA wherein he spent four years of research work and then proceeded to US on an International “FULLBRIGHT” fellowship to obtain his M.Tech & PhD from ‘USC’, Columbia, USA.

Based on Dr. Raina’s exemplary research work written at an early age which were received with tremendous response over the years by eminent scholars and were published by various journals of repute including ‘American Mathematical Society’ (January 1969, page 48-51) which was also widely acclaimed and often cited (e.g., See A. Del Cintel, 2008-SPRINGER) helped various eminent scholars like Prof. ANDRE WILE of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY to draw a vital connection between the ELLIPTIC CURVES and MODULAR FORMS ( See Ribet: Tanahama-Shimura Conjecture, 1986) leading him eventually to the famous solution in 1995 of even more famous CONJECTURE called ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ (See Annals of Mathematics, 142 (1995), 443-551 ), unsolved for the last 350 years. This work earned him a well deserved ‘KNIGHT HOOD’ & a most prestigious award of ‘FIELDS MEDAL’ given every four years.

E-Mail : vc@theglocaluniversity.in